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Ahoy there, Matey! Is it time to swab ye decks?

In celebration on International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19, 2017 we are offering a 20% discount on all deck swabbing (a.k.a. deck cleaning and restoration). We use a tedious 3 step process to safely bring the life back into your wood decks. The harsh Florida weather and salty air can definitely do a number on wood decking. But have no fear, Aqua Force is here! We can rescue that deck and make it beautiful again! For examples of what your deck can look like, see our Work page here our web site. You’ll see photos of actual decks that we have cleaned and restored. We can even send you additional photos if you’d like. If you have any questions on how our wood restoration process works, we will be happy to chat with you. Give us a call.

Attention Real Estate Agents and Homeowners:

If you are trying to sell your home you are probably familiar with the phrase “Curb Appeal”. Most home improvements won’t even come close to a 100% return on investment. But, did you know that window cleaning, on average, produces a 768% return on investment? What does that mean for you? For every $100 spent on window cleaning on average, real estate agents see a $768 dollar increase in sale price.

Ok, so you know you want to get your windows cleaned. But how about that roof and siding? Allowing the “green stuff” like mold, mildew, and algae to continue on a home is negligent. Do you want potential buyers to view your home as neglected? If they question your maintenance on the exterior of the home, they will questions maintenance on everything else. Not the best first impression.

Here’s where we come in. We are exterior cleaning specialists. We take care of the dirty work, you rake in the cash when you sell your property.

Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine in!




You have company coming over, maybe it’s your friends or even worse, your mother-in-law. You quickly close all the curtains, you don’t want anyone to see your dirty windows. Your home may look like a dark cave but at least you won’t be embarrassed by those icky windows again. You don’t have to live in fear any longer!

We specialize in both interior and exterior window cleaning. This is not your typical glass cleaner and paper towels cleaning. Streaking is not allowed!

So give us a call and get the best window cleaning you’ve ever had. Then, you can open the curtains with confidence!

What are these black streaks on my roof?

Those black streaks aren’t just an eye sore. These stains are are actually a form of bacterial fungus that eats away at your roof. That’s right, your roof is getting eaten alive and getting destroyed before your very eyes!

So what can you do? For you, it’s easy, you only need one finger. Call us at 850-381-1527 and let us take care of the fungus-busting! Our soft wash roof cleaning safely and effectively rids your roof of that harmful fungus! Our technique will leave your roof sparkling and clean, without exposing your roof to possibly harm caused by pressure washing. Soft washing isn’t just the safest method- it’s the best method.

What can you expect from a roof cleaning?  Our cleaning agents are designed to kill bacteria, remove build-up, and help prevent future growth. From dirt, to moss, to algae and everything in between, our no-pressure cleaning technique will tackle it all!


What’s it like to have Aqua Force clean your windows?

You sit back in your favorite comfy spot, curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to finish and sip your sweet tea (or wine) and relax.  You notice that we take extra care around fragile items and you know that we will do a job that meets your demanding standards.

You don’t have to lift a finger, well except maybe to take another sip of tea and turn the page.  You glance up from your book every once in a while to see the progress that we have made on your windows, both inside and out.

You stretch out and by the time you get to the last sip of your tea, you look up and see the sun shining in and the streak-less windows that almost look as if they don’t exist. You sit back and say “Ahh” and enjoy that feeling only clean windows can give. And after we leave when you check  ‘clean windows’ off of your to-do list you can sit back and say, “What a relaxing day!”

Spring Cleaning

We know that most people don’t start thinking about spring cleaning until…well.. the spring. But here in Florida, spring comes early. And this crazy Florida weather makes all kinds of green and black stuff grow on just about everything, even during the winter. So, why wait until spring? Let us help you get a jump start on that honey-do list and make all the neighbors just a little bit jealous.

Gulf Coast Life

Being here on the Gulf Coast is fantastic! We love living by the water, taking in the gorgeous scenery, and enjoying mild winters. (Almost 70 degrees in December- oh yeah, just the way we like it.) But the climate here does present its own unique set of challenges when it comes to the exterior of our homes and businesses. I think algae and mildew enjoy living here almost as much as we do! But no worries, Aqua Force is here to help you out! Let us battle your mildew battles and fight the furry fight.


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